Scope of Symposium

At this symposium, the centennial experience of Imam-Hatip will be discussed in broad perspectives, novel subjects and problems are welcome in addition to the thematic issues listed below:

  • The religious tradition it established.
  • Its place in religion-science debates
  • Its place in religion-state/relatives
  • Its role in social mobility
  • Its target audience it addresses
  • Student-parents profile
  • Gradutes of Imam-Hatip High Schools
  • Curriculum and course materials
  • Physical conditions
  • Measures  to enhance  education quality
  • Imam-Hatip High Schools and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • The place of Imam-Hatip High Schools in the National Education System
  • The Presidency of Religious Affairs and Religious Services
  • Expectations from Imam-Hatip High Schools
  • Its role in religious education
  • Future vision of Imam-Hatip High Schools
  • Structural problems, findings and recommendations
  • Vocational lessons programs (Curriculums)
  • Student activities and projects
  • School Culture/Environment
  • Madrasahs in Islamic World
  • Imam-Hatip High Schools in the Balkans
  • International religious education policies and madrasahs
  • Imam-Hatip Schools and Media
  • The Founding Generations and the Imam-Hatip High Schools
  • Politics and The Imam-Hatip High Schools
The languages of symposium  are Turkish and English.
Center For Values and Education 2013